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Often people who find themselves in financial distress consider every option before turning to Bankruptcy.  While everyone’s circumstances are unique, bankruptcy may fit a range of needs.  As with any legal matter, Bankruptcy Law has factors and exceptions which may vary based upon the circumstances of your case.

Bankruptcy gives individuals and families the opportunity to get out from under debt that may prevent them from meeting monthly needs.  If you have difficulty paying for regular monthly necessities, like rent/mortgage, electric bills, vehicles, and food, bankruptcy may help alleviate the stress and financial concerns you feel.

Generally, Bankruptcy will stop harassing phone calls and other attempts at collections.  Bankruptcy may prevent foreclosure and vehicle repossession, as well as terminate your obligation to repay credit cards, medical bills, check loans, and unpaid taxes**.  If collection efforts proceed after a Bankruptcy filing, you may be able to recover statutory damages and attorney’s fees for the creditor’s violation of what is termed the “automatic stay”.

Each Chapter of Bankruptcy has its unique application, our office focuses on Chapter 7, both consumer and non-consumer cases, and Chapter 13 cases.  I will briefly review some important information and some of the frequently asked questions we hear from our clients during consultations.

What Are The Differences

Chapter 7

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Chapter 13

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