Contested Divorce

Contested divorce can mean different things to different people.  Most who hear “contested” may think of the protracted, drawn out court battle that costs way too much and leaves both parties bitter.  Not all contested divorces go this route, in fact, many divorces fall into the contested category because one spouse files documents with the Court and has the other party served.  Although some cases go to trial, the majority are resolved, in whole or in part, without a trial.  Barring some form of emergency, Duval, Clay, and Saint Johns Counties all require mediation (attempted settlement) prior to setting the matter for hearing.  As with Uncontested Divorces, Contested divorces deal with the separation of marital assets including: the home, retirement accounts, bank accounts, alimony, as well as timesharing and child support.

Whether your case is contested or uncontested, we can help. We offer flat rates for assisting our clients with most uncontested matters, and work with our clients to develop reasonable rates and payment options for contested matters (in some cases we establish billing based upon the litigation stage of the contested matter and the projected next steps).  Contact our office to schedule your appointment today.